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Azure Damselfly (Coenagrion puella)

Small sheltered ponds and pools are the classic breeding location for this species which is widely distibuted in Shropshire. It is similar to the Common blue Damselfly which will invariably be seen nearby and distinguished by the narrow antehumeral stripes on the thorax. There is a characteristic black U shaped mark present on segment 2. June and July are the key months for flight but it can be seen earlier or later.

A typical male with black U shaped mark on S2 and 'bow tie' on S10....

Azure Damselfly

The narrow antehumeral stripes quite obvious on the above and this male. There are two black marks on the side of the thorax (only one in Common Blue Damselfly)

Azure Damselfly Wildmoor Pool 25 7 10   IMG_2443

An immature female with extensive black on the abdomen....

sbgallery Azure Damselfly  female Titterstone Clee 5 7 12 Raw edit IMG_6429 1

A mature female with green base colour...

Azure Damselfly female green form Titterstone Clee 6 7 17 Raw edit  FA1A8727

The blue colouration of the thorax has not quite developed in this subadult male

sbgallery Azure Damselfly  male Titterstone Clee 5 7 12  IMG_6437

A pair mating, the female has extensive black markings on the abdomen and similar narrow antehumeral stripes to the male.

Azure Damselflies mating  VP 1 6 06 IMG_1717

Another pair in the cartwheel position taken at Wood Lane. The pale green colours of the female clear from this angle. One of my favourite images.....

Azure damselfly in tandem best Whixall 26 6 05

More Azure's having fun whilst egg laying at Whixall Moss.....

Azure damselfly in tandem Whixall 26 6 05

Azure damselfly in tandem Whixall 26 6 05

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