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Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens)

Slow flowing muddy rivers are the classic breeding location for this species and the banks of the River Severn during June and July are the place to look. After dispersal, they may turn up elsewhere - I've photographed them at Venus Pool and Berrington Pool. Males are unmistakable with a central wing band and metallic blue green body. Females are metallic green and similar to the Beautiful demoiselle but the wings have a greenish (rather than brownish) tint.

A male resting on bankside vegetation ....

sbgallery Banded Demoiselle Atcham 10 7 10  IMG_2444

A male, the metallic sheen of the abdomen and iridescent wings lit up by bright sunlight at Venus Pool....

Banded Demoiselle VP 31 8 06IMG_7158

Always very striking and photogenic, three more males from the 2011 season.

sbgallery Banded Demoiselle male Atchem 28 6 11  IMG_3400

sbgallery Banded Demoiselle male Atchem 28 6 11 IMG_3396

Nice to have the clean background of the river when pershed on overhanging vegetation

sbgallery Banded demoiselle male Geldeston 14 6 11 IMG_0266

A female Banded Demoiselle, difficult to distinguish from the 'Beautiful' but the wings are greenish rather than brown tinted.....

Banded Demoiselle female VP 7 6 06 IMG_2329

A pair mating, easy to pick the female (greenish wings) with confidence here!.....

sbgallery Banded Demoiselles mating Atcham 21 5 11 IMG_9707

Another female.....

sbgallery Banded Demoiselle female cu side  Atcham 29 5 12  IMG_2647

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