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Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea)

Quite early on the wing from the beginning of May to July, this is a very scarce local species. Well vegetated and usually acidic ponds with a tree fringed margin are likely habitats and once on the wing, thay can turn up at non-breeding locationss. Of moderate size, larger than Darters and similar to Clubtail, the metallic bronze green abdomen. Both sexes share the 'downy' green abdomen, the male has a distincly club shaped abdomen whilst the female is more parallel sided. Mature adults have bright green eyes but immatures, the eyes are brown. Males will often be seen patrolling close to the bank and engaging with fellow males, thay have a habit of resting in the nearby tree canopy which makes observation difficult!

Immature female at rest.

Downy Emerald female

Same female, note the mainly parallel sided abdomen ......

Downy Emerald female

The downy and shiny green thorax is quite obvious when seen close up.

Downy Emerald female

Seen from the side, the all green thorax and extensive down.

Downy Emerald female

A nice view of a male perched on blossom.The abdomen is really striking compared to the female, s3 is clearly waisted and bulging at the tip.

Downy Emerald male on blossom Shomere 4 6 13 IMG_0987

Males in flight, note the club shaped appearance to the abdomen, green eyes indicate full maturity.

Downy Emerald male

Downy Emerald male flight xxx site 4 8 6 16 raw edit IMG_4863

Downy Emerald male flight hover xxxx site 4 8 6 16 raw edit IMG_4809

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