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Red-eyed Damselfly (Erythromma najas)

At first glance, males resemble Blue-tailed Damselflies but closer look will reveal the most obvious feature - the blood red eyes. It is robust for a Damselfly, the blackish top to the thorax does not have any (antehumeral) blue stripes although the side of the thorax is blue with two narrow black lines. A wide range of water habitats is favoured, especially where there is floating vegetation. The males can be easily found by scanning lily pads or other surface foliage. Berrington pool is a 'must' to see this species on the wing between June and July, viewed from the fishing platforms they will be within very close range.

Portraits of males invariably on a Lily pad or other surface vegetation ....

Red-eyed Damselfly

Even with the eyes not glowing in dull light the all black top of the thorax eliminates Blue-tailed Damselfly.

Red-eyed Damselfly

The lack of antehumeral stripes on the thorax is apparent, even when seen side on.

sbgallery Red eyed Damselfly  Berrington 22 7 10 IMG_3122

A close up of the head showing the striking red eyes ....

sbgallery Red eyed Damselfly vcu Berrington 22 7 10 Raw edit IMG_3142

Male and female maiting ....

Red-eyed Damselfly pair mating Berrington 21 5 11 IMG_8526

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