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Southern Hawker (Aeshna cyanea)

One of the latest species to appear, on the wing from late July to September. Found in a variety of still water habitats, it is a frequent inhabitant of garden ponds. Both sexes have distinctive coloured band markings on s9 and 10 unlike the pattern of paired spots found on other Hawkers. There is also a very broad coloured stripe on the tops and side of the thorax. Males are quite dark, marked with apple green - instantly obvious when you see one. Females are deep brown, again with apple green markings.

An adult male Southern Hawker showing the typical distinct green markings on the abdomen with blue bands on segments 9 and 10 ....

sbgallery Southern Hawker 1 Allscott 24 9 05

Below is the rare adult male form in which all abdominal markings are blue.

sbgallery Southern Hawker male rare form  with all blue marking Stevenshill 22 7 15 IMG_1343.jpg

I was so lucky to come across this teneral male and realised it was also a male 'blue form'. Teneral Southern Hawkers are brown with pale yellow markings. This freshly emerged individial hass all blue abdominal markings and even the stripes on the thorax, insteasd of being yellow are blue!

Southern Hawker male teneral Titterstone Clee 9 7 11  IMG_3728.jpg

A male Southern Hawker seen in flight....

sbgallery Southern Hawker flight VP 15 8 10  IMG_4570_filtered

A female hanging from vegetation high up in a tree! Note the markings are all apple green....

sbgallery Southern Hawker female VP 30 8 10 IMG_6258 1

A female ovipositing in my garden, near the small pool! ....

sbgallery Southern Hawker female home 4 9 06 IMG_0791

Another view, the concrete may not be the best place for eggs!.....

sbgallery Southern Hawker female home 4 9 06 IMG_0784

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