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Artistic license

There are times when it's good practice to 'break the rules'. very slow shutter speeds, low light can all conspire to ruin the day but used deliberately can actually create some unusual images!

Wader flock take off

Slow shutter speeds can create some very dynamic imagery and I have no doubt that opinions will be divided on this image. It is 'what I was trying to capture' - the frenzy of a flock of Knot and Godwit taking flight. A few stationery birds give an element of calm, the blurry wing beats of the rest tell their own story .

Wader take off

Marsh Harrier silhouette

It's early morning at Cley Marshes, a Marsh Harrier is perched obligingly but with the sun rising directly behind! Do I walk around or give up? Choosing neither of these I gave it a go, underexposing to capture the silhouette and the result was quite effective. The direct sunlight picking out a few feathers and the cobweb add a subtle touch....

Marsh Harrier

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