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Clunton Coppice

Wood Warbler

This is not one of my routine 'year round' areas to visit but during the early to mid Spring period it is definitely worth keeping an eye on! Winter birding too may turn up Crossbills, either in the car park area or on walking up the hill. Siskins and Goldcrest will certainly be around then

Raptors and Warblers....

A warm blue sky Spring day is just the job for a raptor watch and the gateway in the corner of the car park, overlooks the fields and hills beyond. By mid morning as the sun warms up good numbers of Common Buzzard are guaranteed, Peregrine and Red Kite may also be seen, make sure you have a telescope with you as it can be distant viewing.

Garden Warbler

The end of April / early May sees Clunton Coppice at it's very best with a good chance of Raptors still, plus the return of various Warblers! The speciality bird is Wood Warbler (picture above) and these can be found in song very close to the car park, on either side of the road or just up the hill in the deciduous woodland. Blackcap, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and Garden Warbler (pictured right) will also be around so brush up on your 'song' and enjoy the chorus of these birds. Pied Flycatcher should also be seen here. Make the most of the moment as once the leaf canopy starts to develop the birds become more difficult to see!

A general walk around will reveal other woodland birds, Tits, Nuthatch and Treecreeper. Keep listening out for Lesser spotted Woodpecker - a single bird was seen here in the Spring of 2009!

Always good to spend a session here in conjuction with Bury Ditches. For Clunton Coppice take the left turn, if heading from Craven Arms, at the cross roads in the middle of Clunton. The car park is on the right just after you enter the woodland area up the steep road.

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