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Cute or unusual

Birds can be sweet and fluffy or sometimes predatory, sporting sharp talons! Either way, some images can make you smile, go ahhhhh or just look and work out what's going on? They can be doing unusal things or pictured in an unusal way, whatever, they may find their way here......

Lapwing chick

Juvenile birds can be chicks obliging subjects provided that they are sweet and fluffy? Very vulnerable to predation, this Lapwing was the last survivor of a brood at Venus Pool, caught standing 'knock kneed' in the rain....

Lapwing chick

Willow Warbler

This shot always makes me smile, taken on the Stiperstones, Shropshire in May 2009. OK it's just a Willow Warbler, but a male pictured in rather unusual manner - trying to attract the attentions of a nearby female by 'displaying'. Every now and then he would rise up and flap his wings in her direction - I think he made the lady smile too!

Willow Warbler

Green woodpecker

The innocence of youth! A juvenile Green Woodpecker at Venus Pool in July 2007 learning the hard way that whilst there may be ants in this hollow stem, an anthill is the best place to look!....

Green Woodpecker

Rock Pipit

Never ignore the common bird engaged in unusual pose, I've featured this bird elsewhere! An 'extra' during a session at Marazion which included Baird's Sandpiper and Little Stint! This moments an almost human element as the bird 'waves' to the camera!

Rock Pipit washing

Great spotted Woodpecker

Knock, knock, is anybody home? A delightful brief session watching an adult feeding this young chick on Black Hill in June 2008. Every now and then the chick would appear at the opening of the hole demanding food.....

Great-spotted Woodpecker

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