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Food or Prey

Portraits of birds are fine but for that something 'extra' - it is useful to feature them eating berries, other food or catching prey when the opportunity arises. Such pictures, tell a story even if it is just the bird's diet!

Sandwich Tern with fish

Cemlyn bay is a great venue for Terns and always the chance of good opportunities to catch them returning from the lagoon with fish. The bigger the better and with good eye contact, the last moments of this fish are duly recorded

Sandwich Tern with fish

Osprey with roach

Whilst many shots are possible as an Osprey circles or even plunges into water, only a few seconds are possible to record the fish on it's way to become supper. There is no chance to set up such a shot but by guessing the likely patch of water for the 'catch' and direction of flight after you have a better chance of being in the right position for the light.

Osprey with fish

Slavonian Grebe and Perch

A much photographed bird, present during March 2010 on a small fishing pool at Grimley (Worcs). A session which featured both dull and sunlit conditions and for once, a favourite came from the 'gloom'. The bleak black/white/grey tones are lit up by the Slav's bright red eye and the fish about to be swallowed, tells the story!


Waxwing and white berries

The Winter of 2008/9 was a Waxwing bonanza. I recall seeking out better and better berries (these were in a residential area in Hereford Dec 2008) to act as a foil for their greedy behaviour. Gorgeous bird, fantastic white ornamental berries and a 'berry toss' - this really can't fail.


Fieldfare and red berries

An opportunistic shoot came my way whilst travelling in nearby Telford, Jan 2010. I noticed a small flock of Fieldfare and Redwing feasting on these berries. The lovely background is courtesy of a nearby house brick wall!


Spotted Flycatcher and Bee

I've got a very soft spot for this particular image - my first Birdguides 'picture of the week'! A friend's Garden in Shropshire was the setting and less than 10 seconds of opportunity during May 2008. Insect prey can add something special to a routine bird portrait.

Spotted Flycatcher

Barn Owl

Very strong elements are seen in combination here - photogenic bird, in flight and with prey!. I always try to be 'ready' for a shot like this - a Barn Owl hunting mid morning at Parkgate in October 2009. It is a ringed wild bird by the way and despite a very modest high tide that day, another Vole carried off to be consumed.....

Barn Owl

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