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Birding and Bird Photography from Jim Almond

Welcome to the home page for my world of birds, birding and bird photography. The culmination of a lifelong passion for nature and photography, birding has enabled me to combine the two hobbies to good effect! Whether it's record shots only or images suitable for publication, my motto 'never birding without my camera' usually holds true! Every now and then, opportunities arise to capture unforgettable moments. This Osprey seen on 9th April 2009 snatching a Roach out of Venus Pool for supper keeps reminding me why I do this!!

Osprey at Venus Pool

What's it all about?

I spend much of my free time birding and try to capture 'moments' that were memorable for me and of course, good birds! Shropshire is my 'base' and I always try put together a respectable County list each year. The places I visit and recommend for birding locally can be found in the Shropshire birding sites section. In addition, I travel all around the Country each year in search of yet more good birds!!

My travels are often linked to speaking and I have an ever increasing range of talks suitable for birding, natural history, photographic and general audiences. More details can be found in the lectures page.

My adventures and birding reports, together with Images are constantly being uploaded to the Shropshire Birder blog. This maintains a record of my birding adventures since 2007 and has now attracted over 294,000 vists. There is a wealth of information and imagery here if you have some time to spare! The Blog and Shropshire Birding Sites will hopefully prove useful resources to locals and visitors, experienced birders and newcomers alike...... A selection of images suitable for reproduction or publication can be found in the Gallery This is constantly being updated and still has a long way to go before the 300+ species are represented.

I've placed some of my personal favourite images in the portfolio section and this will be updated from time to time.


I'm working hard on these, the species gallery is developing nicely with 228 of the 300+ species currently available, uploaded! Pages detailing my approach to photography and accounts of my favourite species will happen 'one day' - I just need the time. I might even feature some of my most memorable twitches and days out in a dedicated web page! Do check back to see what's happening, even if you're only using the site at the moment as a springboard to the Blog......

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More images inside and on the blog.....