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Frozen moments

I suppose all photographs are 'frozen moments' but it's nice to catch dynamic action and freeze activities often too quick for the human eye to capture. In the blink of an eye, a fast shutter speed may record a fish being tossed down the gullet of a predator or water droplets oozing out of a bird's bill . Birds washing or diving into water may also yield spectacular frozen images.

Cormorant fish toss

This really was the blink of an eye and it took ages to get this shot! I was watching Cormorants fishing at Venus Pool and couldn't quite see any fish being caught. The toss and swallow of the small fry being hunted took place the moment the birds's head broke the surface. It was question of anticipation, quick reactions and a bit of luck - I got lucky!


Little Egret

Little Egrets give you a little more time to react. The fish is caught, manouevred into place and then tossed/swallowed in a simultaneous action. Good timing is essential

Little Egret

Mediterranean Gull

A session with the Med Gulls at the Mumbles in December 2009 provided me with a good range of flight and drinking shots. The moment the excess water dribbles away looks something like this at 1/1000 sec, captured in the low afernoon sun......

Mediterranean Gull

Grey Phalarope

Another shot of the Crosby Marine Lake bird in November 2009. Constantly picking up small insects from the surface but occasionally 'fishing' deeper and drooling the water afterwards. If you haven't realised by now - I rather like the effect water droplets add to an image!....

Grey Phalaropet

Shag washing

This Shag was a regular in Wells Harbour during January 2008. Not a bird seen close that close up normally and despite leaving with plenty of posed shots, the washing sequence yielded the most memorable shots!


Rock Pipit

Definitely an 'extra' during a session at Marazion which included Baird's Sandpiper and Little Stint! Nevertheless, a moment spent shooting a Rock Pipit washing nearby proved to yield some nice action shots. Never ignore the common bird engaged in some form of action!

Rock Pipit

Kingfisher after splashdown

Kingfishers are one of my favourite subjects and every Summer at Venus Pool gives another opportunity to try and get a 'special' action shot! Hovering shots are relatively easy but the moment the bird then dives, plunges and emereges from the water is in a different league! Nice droplets but no fish on this occasion - maybe one day.....


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