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Shropshire sites - my favourite birding venues....

This page gives details about the main reserves and birding sites I visit during the year. Select a site from the left hand link menu to check out an overview of each locality and the birds you are likely (or hope) to encounter! Where relevant, I'll indicate the best time of year to visit plus any important information.

In general the details relate to recent bird activity - mostly my own observations over the past six years. I'll update pages as things change (as they do!)

At the bottom of each page is a Google map of that particular site, showing access and notable features. You can enlarge the map by selecting the appropriate link below it.

As an example, the map below shows the location of all the Shropshire sites detailed on these pages, click on the placemark - useful for route planning. Simply select a placemark and then 'zoom in', you can plan a route from home or anywhere you select! To view the 'View Shropshire birding sites in a larger map' click the link below the map to zoom in or out of specific areas.

View Shropshire birding sites in a larger map