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Titterstone Clee

One of Shropshire's highest points and the big bonus of this venue is the fact that you can drive virtually right up to the summit! A disused quarry and old building plus grassland / rocky screes mean that there is shelter and food for passage migrants and it is worth a visit here in early April for a chance of seeing just one particular bird.......

Ring Ouzel

Ring Ouzels in Spring....

Yes, Ring Ouzel!! Whilst breeding has not been confirmed anywhere in Shropshire in recent years, the only chance of reliably seeing them is on passage. My earliest record is on March 21st but that was exceptionally early - the first week in April is when there really is a good chance of seeing one, or more!! The disused quarry, buildings, car park plateau or rocky screes can all produce the goods so you have to be prepared to scramble around? They are generally difficult to approach so walk in carefully and keep listening for their call.

Whilst up there searching, you won't fail to find plenty of Wheatear which breed here. Many of the birds here have been ringed and the colour codes are worth noting. Meadow Pipits are the most common bird up there with plenty of Stonechat, Skylark and Linnets too

Northern Wheatear

Keep an eye overhead for raptors such as Peregrine at any time of year. Hen Harrier and Short-eared Owl possible in Winter. Raven are ever present.

Check out some of my blog entries (press your 'back' button to return here) relating to adventures on Titterstone Clee here:

Wheatears on April 2nd 2011 .

Wryneck on August 28th 2010 .

Ring Ouzel hunt on Clee 6th April 2008 .

October visit during 2007 .

It's worth mentioning that on a foggy day, a drive to the top here will put you above all the mist and in clear blue skies - you may not see much but at least you will see some birds!


Desert Wheatear

Wryneck in 2010 and the long staying Desert Wheatear in 2011 prove the potential of this area. Woodchat Shrike down the road in 2008 and occasional Black Redstart / Snow Buntings point to the potential of this (underwatched) location.

The access road (Dhustone Lane) to Titterstone Clee summit is situated a mile of so west of Cleehill village on the A4117. It soon becomes a single track with passing places, drive slowly on the upper stretches - you never know what you will see from the car!!

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