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Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum)

One of the commonest and most widespread species - happy in ditches, streams, lakes ponds and rivers. It also has a very long flight period but late on the wing from July through to October and even later if the weather is mild. The abdomen on both sexes is straight sided, orange red in the male and yellow brown in the females/immature males. Perches and basks for long periods so is a very easy subject for photography!

A male on a dead reed stem at Venus Pool, the colouration is never as red as in Ruddy Darter and the abdomen has straighter sides ....

Common Darter male VP 19 7 10  IMG_0547

Nicely lit male, looking closely you can see the yellow striped legs....

Common Darter male VP 19 7 10  IMG_0553

The patchy orange-red coloration may indicate this is an immature male....

Common Darter male VP 25 7 10 IMG_2425

A pair mating in the 'wheel' position.....

Common Darters mating VP 15 8 10  IMG_4586

A female with characteristic light brown abdomen.

sbgallery Common Darter female VP 28 8 05_filtered

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