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Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta)

One of the latest species to appear, on the wing from late July to October or frosty weather. The first impression is that of a 'small Common Hawker'. As with this larger species, the male has a dark body with pairs of blue dots and yellow flecks along the abdomen. The female is brown with a similar pattern to the male but the dots are normally yellow. Both sexes have a brown costa or leading edge to the wing (yellow in Common Hawker) only likely to be obvious when at rest. There is a small yellow triangle at the top of S2. Whilst this is a confirmed breeding species in Southern England, who knows whether they are breeding locally, females (see below) are clearly in business at Venus Pool!.

A male at rest showing the typical markings .

Migrant Hawker male Berrington 15 8 10  IMG_4763

A sideways view, broad pale stripes on the side of the thorax.

Migrant Hawker male side Berrington 15 8 10 IMG_4799

A close up of the head and thorax. The 'yellow triangle' is sometimes described as a 'golf tee'. Has anyone thought about the pair of long black boots either side of it?

sbgallery Migrant Hawker male vcu head and thorax Berrington 15 8 10 IMG_4769 1_filtered

Ultra close up. Those mazing blue eyes and if you look closely - the brown costa reveals the three dimensional nature of the wings.....

Migrant Hawker male vcu head Berrington 15 8 10 IMG_4777

Another male showing the typical appearance, the narrow yellow triangle on the top of S2 is clearly shown.

sbgallery Migrant Hawker male best Hadleigh 26 8 05_filtered

A flight shot of another male, the overall appearance suggests a 'small' Common Hawker!

sbgallery Migrant Hawker male flight Cley Marshes 9 9 06 IMG_0967_filtered

A female ovipositing at Venus Pool, note the brown abdomen and smaller yellow spots.

sbgallery Migrant Hawker VP 24 8 06 IMG_9711_filtered

Another view, once again the yellow triangle clearly visible again on top of S2.....

sbgallery Migrant Hawker yellow triangle detail VP 24 8 06 IMG_9696_filtered

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