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Emerald Damselfly (Lestes sponsa)

On the wing from June to September, this is one of the latest species to emerge, and for a damselfly - unusual in that it rests with the wings well spread! Found near acidic ditches and shallow water, it is the only likely 'emerald' type likely in Shropshire. Identification is therefore reduced to splitting males from females. Both sexes have an emerald green abdomen, much stockier in the female. The slender male has blue segments at extreme ends of the abdomen. ......

Ladies first - note the two diagnostic dark spots on segment 1 just below the wing base.

Emerald Damselfly

The upperparts of an immature female with bronze coloured abdomen......

Emerald Damselfly female juvenile upperparts Whixall Moss 23 7 11 IMG_5277

Immature female seen from the side.

Emerald Damselfly female juvenile Whixall Moss 23 7 11  IMG_5273

The male is marked blue on the underparts of the thorax plus the first two and last two segments.

sbgallery Emerald Damselfly male Whixall Moss 23 7 11 IMG_5159

Wings are frequently held outstretched when at rest

Emerald Damselfly male Whixall Moss 23 7 11 IMG_5190

But not always!

sbgallery  Emerald Damselfly male Whixall Moss 23 7 11 IMG_5205

Typical male seen from above

Emerald Damselfly male upperside Whixall Moss 23 7 11  IMG_5196

The metallic sheen to the uper abdomen seen in close up

Emerald Damselfly male vcu Whixall Moss 23 7 11 IMG_5221

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